Eva Like Nails Fungal Nail & Athletes Foot Treatment

Eva Like Nails
Fungal Nail & Athletes Foot Treatment

Pedi-Cure is a British made quick drying, light spray formula that is an Ideal treatment for anyone dealing with the frustration of unsightly and embarrassing toe nail infections or athletes foot!

Pedi-Cure combines hard hitting ingredients, in a gentle effective moisturising spray that contains: –
• 70% Ethanol – Which has amazing fungicidal properties, it destroys the cell wall/membrane of bacteria by breaking down their proteins and dissolving their lipids, making it effective against most bacteria, fungi and
99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
• Honey – Well known for its moisturising, antiseptic and antibacterial properties and aids in healing wounds.
• Green Tea – Popular and well known for its antioxidant properties and anti-fungal characteristics

These amazing ingredients combined:

Reduces unwanted bacteria
Soothe irritation and inflammation
Contain Anti-fungal properties
Certified to: BS EN 1276:2019 and BS EN 1500:2013

How to use:

Ensure that the affected area is washed clean before use, dry feet well and spray over the affected area where fungal infection is evident (such as between the toes and directly onto the nails)
Use two/three times a day and continue use until infected nails are completely regrown or athletes foot has cleared.
Most people will start to see results within one week
Pedi-Cure is made in the UK


Please consult foot doctor about any specific condition as only a trained, experienced certified podiatrist or foot specialist can determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment.



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