Eva Like Makeup Vegan Zero Waste Custom Makeup Palette, Empty Palette, Organic Makeup, Plastic Free Makeup, Cruelty Free, Zero Waste Kit, Eco Friendly Gift

Eva Like Makeup
Vegan Zero Waste Custom Makeup Palette, Empty Palette, Organic Makeup, Plastic Free Makeup, Cruelty Free, Zero Waste Kit, Eco Friendly Gift

PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PURCHASING >>Now you can keep all of your favorite products together in a 4.75 x 4.75 inch metal palette! Each palette includes a 3×3 inch mirror (attached) and has plenty of room for your “Core 4” products, as well as their lids! Since the products are not attached to the palette itself, you can remove them when needed. Each product in your palette will come with its standard labels. If you order a cake mascara in your palette, it will come with a bamboo mascara spoolie and eyeliner applicator. You can also just order an empty palette to store other makeup you’ve purchased separately.

HOWEVER, you do get 25% off both the palette and the 4 products when you choose your Core 4 here (discount applies to any products that are NOT already on sale)! Just sayin’. :). Read on for instructions.

>>>PLEASE HELP ME HELP YOU BY FOLLOWING THE QUICK & EASY GUIDELINES WHEN CHOOSING YOUR 4 PRODUCTS. If you choose something I can’t fit in the palette, there will be a significant delay in processing your order.


1) For the customized, “Core 4” palette, you may order ANY combination of 4 of the following —

lip balm
bronzer (powdered)
highlighter (powdered)
cake mascara
foundation/concealer balm
“All Day Long” Powder (1/2 OZ SIZE ONLY)

2) Put your palette and “Core 4” products in your cart. Then, either shoot me a message to let me know that you’d like to customize a palette (and the specific products you’d like) and need the 25% off coupon code -or- go ahead and purchase everything if you have social/email anxiety — I will then apply the 25% off coupon and manually adjust your total the following business day. Your total will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $45-$58 (USD), depending on what combination of products you choose.

>>>I am NOT able to put larger products in there (this is a FAQ), and I can’t break up larger products into smaller containers because that screws up my bookkeeping and makes my life that much harder. So, NO foundation powder, tattoo balm, etc. I am NOT able to include custom shades in here, either. Finally, I am NOT able to include products in glass vials or bottles (also an FAQ). But you still have tons of options, so no worries!

>>> If you just wanna order an empty palette, go ahead and put it in your cart and then check out as you normally would!


ATTENTION ZERO-WASTERS — If you would like to order this product with minimal packaging and/or no applicators, just shoot me a message and let me know when you place your order. Thank you for your business and for being an eco-conscious consumer!


This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

By making a purchase you agree to not to hold Clean-Faced Cosmetics or any officer of the company liable for any loss or injury incurred using Clean-Faced Cosmetics products.

Here for a refill? Just shoot me a message and I’ll give you a coupon code for 10% off that product! Powdered products are mailed in CFC’s biodegradable cello refill bags, but you’ll need to mail back your container for anything that isn’t powdered (please contact me for the shipping label — Etsy offsets all carbon emissions created by shipping!). Please remember to clean out your container beforehand and let me know if you have any additional questions!



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