Eva Like Makeup Pixel Hearts – Makeup stencil

Eva Like Makeup
Pixel Hearts – Makeup stencil

12 pan pixel stencil

Instructions for use.

– Make sure the area is clean, any product on the skin already might cause the vinyl not to stick or cause the makeup to bleed underneath the vinyl
– Carefully peel the vinyl back, going slowly, you don’t want to go too quick or it’ll warp the design.
– Pat down onto the skin, making sure you don’t use too much force otherwise smaller parts might move or loose their stick.
– Try not to move or clench your arm, this can cause the vinyl to move or create gaps for the make up to go under.
– Put the makeup in the desired spots, using a brush or finger. ( For eyeshadow and highlighter, I get the best results by using my finger)
– Peel off slowly to reveal your design.

Happy swatching.



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