Eva Like Makeup Makeup Organizer Libretto Desk Set Assistant for Girls

Eva Like Makeup
Makeup Organizer Libretto Desk Set Assistant for Girls

Libretto is a large singing creation, makeup desktop organizer made for you, for a girl who dreams of putting all of her favorite makeup, her cosmetics accessories and gadgets in one place.
You can use the large opening at the top for putting either a mirror (at the time of putting your makeup) or a gadget (when you track the latest news from your friends or actors, or looking popular makeup bloggers channels).

This is a product for a girl who wants to make the most out of her life. This product is for you.

It is perfect.

***** SIZE ****

40 cm by 19 cm by 10 cm


We have talked to hundreds of girls. Now we know they most cherished dreams. We used our research to create a handful of these models that are here right for you.

The goal of this piece of art is to make your life brighter, lighter and tidier.

Singing desk assistants reflect your beauty in a shining mirror day by day. They have all the favorite colors, all your pencils as well as all the modern gadgets in one tidy place, each in its openings.

Our masters put all of their craftsmanship here for you.

Look at that! Now. Did you dream about that? Have a glance over these straight lines, touch this wood, enjoy this eco leather that we finally found with your needs in mind.

Enjoy the harmony of a quality assistant who is now here with you, right beside you in your daily life.

Modern gadgets will complete this docking singing station which will become a centerpiece so dear for any girl.

Our craftsmen made a high quality yet sensitive appliance for everyday use, so that your inspiration would never cease.



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