Eva Like Makeup Kiss Lips #03 (LARGE) Makeup Swatch Stencil Sticker

Eva Like Makeup
Kiss Lips #03 (LARGE) Makeup Swatch Stencil Sticker

Makeup Swatch Vinyl Stencil

Makeup Swatch Stencil – Heart #20 (LARGE)
Sheet size: 6cm (2.3”) x 14.5cm (5.7”) approx.
Cut out area: 3cm (1.18″) x 1.8cm (.70″)
Different shapes vary.
This set has 6 lips to swatch but has 12 seperate swatches.

Swatch stencils that can be used whole, or cut to size.

Use this to get the perfect swatches for your makeup!

Freebie with every order!


– Make sure the area is clean, any product on the skin already might cause the vinyl not to stick or cause the makeup to bleed underneath the vinyl
– Carefully peel the vinyl back, going slowly, you don’t want to go too quick or it’ll warp the design.
– Pat down onto the skin, making sure you don’t use too much force otherwise smaller parts might move or loose their stick.
– Try not to move or clench your arm, this can cause the vinyl to move or create gaps for the make up to go under.
– Put the makeup in the desired spots, using a brush or finger. ( For eyeshadow and highlighter, I get the best results by using my finger)
– Peel off slowly!

Can be used for body art, but I would not suggest putting vinyl onto sensitive skin like your face or neck.
Vinyl colour may be different to that in photo.

If there are certain styles you would like, please ask! I would be happy to do different sizes or shapes.

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