Eva Like Home Decor Turquoise and Gray Home Decor, Hallway Art, Aqua and Grey, Teal and Gray, Essential Oil Diffuser, Welcome Sign, Aromatherapy Gray HOME Decor

Eva Like Home Decor
Turquoise and Gray Home Decor, Hallway Art, Aqua and Grey, Teal and Gray, Essential Oil Diffuser, Welcome Sign, Aromatherapy Gray HOME Decor

These Turquoise/aqua and gray home decors are not only great hallway art / welcome sign, but also perfect essential oil diffusers. If you are looking for a great housewarming gifts for your friends, these unique gray shades aromatherapy stones will be cool addition to their new home.

❖ You will receive 4 letters of aroma stones: H, O, M, and E.

❖ Made of 100% natural plaster powder, and reusable.

❖ Size:
Each letter is approximately 2 inches (5.3cm) tall, and 1 inch (2.5cm) think. (Wide varies in each letter.)

❖ Choice of Colors:
– Most letters are in gray color. Each gray might be slightly different due to the handmade process. You may pick one letter in a different color. Please feel free to contact me with your preferred color. I mix my own color. So I will do my best to mix your color. However, due to the different setting of the monitor and hand mixture, the color of the actual product might be slightly different. Also, the humidity of the stone can result in a different shade of color too. The color of a dryer stone will be lighter, and wet stone will be darker.
– Color may differ somewhat due to the variations in computer monitors when viewing online versus the actual products.

❖ Choice of Scents:
– No Scent (Recommended)
◇◇◇The shipping takes about 10 days. The scent would have partially evaporated by then.
◇◇◇If you already have a preferred brand of oil, an unscented stone is the best fit for you.
– Lavender
– Lemon
– Rose
– Rosemary
– Sweet Orange
– Cedarwood
(After the scent faded, you can simply add more oil in the back. Please use the same fragrance each time for the best result. Instructions of changing fragrance are included in the instruction card.)

❖ An instruction card will be included for each package.

❖ This rustic home decor will be packed in a box. Ready as a gift.

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Hello, home decor.
Welcome home decor.

These aroma stones are carefully handmade by me. I only use all natural, non-toxic plaster powder for my aroma stones. I also bought the color paint/powder from kid-friendly materials. The essential oils are all natural and have no chemical added. But please keep the stone away from your baby and toddler. It is not edible.

▻ The volatilization of the essential oil varies due to the size of the space, and the humidity. You can place more aroma stones around the space or add more essential oils as needed.
▻ It is made with plaster powder, please avoid a strong collision. It is normal to see some white powder remain. If the stone touches dark color clothes, just pat or wash and it will come off.
▻ These are handmade products. Small holes shown on the surface is normal.

↪︎Some aroma stone ideas for your home
▻ Drawers, bathroom, closet, shoe rack, bedrooms are good areas to place your aroma stones. With your favorite essential oils, such as Lemon, Rosemary, or Lavender, it becomes the best air fresheners. You can place one in your car, or in the office too.
▻ While camping, you can place several aroma stones around your tent. With lavender, Citronella, Mint, or Basil, the fragrance will keep the mosquitos and bugs away.
▻ You can also use perfumes, essence, or fragrance oil.

These are some ideas for you. You can find more information on the internet. You can also follow my Pinterest (@yehsproduction). I have a board set up for aroma stone and essential oil.

All my items are made in a pet and smoke-free home.

Thanks for stopping by. May God continue to bless you and your growing family!

⤷ About International Shipping from Taiwan:
Tracking system here is not the same as in the States. (TW tracking # is not mutual to US tracking #.) When the package arrives in the US, we will not be able to track it unless contacting the USPS to find out. And when USPS lost a package, it is simply frustrated. Even thou the package is still able to be tracked, but it takes about one month or so to do that.

In order to resolve this problem, I recently update most of shipping to a more reliable tracking system (except for the small items like necklace, magnets, and knob cover.). This tracking system is lightly more expensive, but is able to provide updated shipping progress on Etsy system.

However, if you plan to order something small from me, and want to upgrade the shipping, please feel free to contact me. I will estimate the price difference for you. You can decide if you want to go with that. Thank you for understanding.



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