Eva Like Antiques Antique-Vintage Chinese vase & Porcelain job-lot. All marked. Many Qing dynasty

Eva Like Antiques
Antique-Vintage Chinese vase & Porcelain job-lot. All marked. Many Qing dynasty

Selling as one lot got in a house clearance. I have read and researched these vases, so I’ve made a rough ( very ) rough calculation estimate based purely on my research on creditable websites and contacts from Antique specialist who deal in Chinese-Japanese Antiques & Vintage porceline items especially…
This will be packed extremely well for transport and sent special deliver if required either using a standard postage service or courier. If you have a preference or want to recommend one to me, or book your own and pay yourself once the vases-items are paid for I have no issues with that at all. However please allow me 2 working days to prepare the package for transportation, I don’t want to rush to ensure maximum amount of protection to each item. If you are reading this advert, then you’ll already have more knowledge than myself, any advise or recommendation regarding my resale price value please feel free to message me, I won’t take offence and it will be gratefully received especially if I’ve valued too low!…either way these are not easy subjects for reselling due to each being so unique, most hand painted and some being rarer to identify than others.
The lamp I’ve been told may be Imari? Also the large vase right handside with the oranges and gold tones with the pheasant artwork…the lamp comes with shade however removed for photos as not to shadow the beautiful hand painted artwork again. Gold raised enamelling is present on this lamp for the outlining of the images, I’ve been told the mark would be under the mahogany base it is screwed onto. I darnt attempt to remove it myself it..it needs a professional to do it.
So what you are buying to the best of my knowledge please again correct me if I’m wrong…

1 x Unidentified Japanese Table lamp with original Shade ( I think) brown , copper and gold tones featuring antique style artwork of geisha ladies one carrying a small child on their back. The mark will be under the bottom of vase. No damage, or chips to porcelain. As new condition.

1 x Large Antique Celadon (Medallion-style) famille rose vase. No damage visible, no chips or marks. New condition.

1 x medium Green glazed floral wai vase. Gold outlining on green artwork the mark underneath is also green.

1 x Pair of Antique pharaoh styled Antique Chinese made vases (2 of them identical) with double handles. Both marked underneath exports “Made in China” with the red line of Chinese symbols above..The vase on the R side ( see pictures if you’ve not noticed it has had trauma, been pieced together and all in tact, no broken pieces missing however multiple cracks are visible where the break has happened. Shame but at least it’s fixed and has been done really well, it’s solid.
I did not do the damage incase you wondered 😉

1 x Familee Rose Antique vase. Theirs a specific name kind of the vase, I will add shortly can’t remember for the life of me! The vase shows couples socialising butterfly’s, ruins, flowers and birds are visible in the hand painted artwork. Glazed over.

1 really tall ( tallest vase) possible Imari vase? It has a mark underneath can’t make it out…really well made and beautiful artwork again really heavy with the pheasant image on the front and other smaller birds throughout the artwork. Orange, reds and gold tones make it stand out in excellence I do love this one…

1 x pink Qing dynasty? Teacup with lid plus 4 cups. All marked exports Made in China. Exc Condition as new.

1 x Qing Antique round floral fish bowl type jar, no lid on. I don’t think this should have one. Clear large Qing dynasty mark ( rare find I think) Exc condition

1 x Ginger jar or vase no lid ( this may be missing?) main colour is yellow and pink marked 06 made in China export. No damage marks or chips

1 x Small Japanese lidded Ginger jar. Has sticker under “Japan” navy and red in colour on off white background. No marks or chips exc condition again.

1 x set of 24ct “The Art of Chokin” porcelain pieces. 1 x plate, 1 x vase, 1 x lidded vase. All marked 24ct and made in China. These are the smaller pieces miniature version, as you can see from image. Plate is full standard size. Pheasant feature and obviously decorated using 24ct gold. No damage, chips or break immaculate condition.

1 x Small white and blue Antique Chinese trinket. Original unmarked underneath. Artwork and style of the children suggests the age of Antique in my research. No marks, damage exc condition.

1 x set of dragon soup bowls and spoons. 2 bowls 2 spoons in the “set” marked as shown in images.

1 x miniature unmarked orange & gold oriental looking floral vase

I hope I’ve given true and helpful information about my items. I have researched these vases and other items to the very best of my knowledge, I hope it shows.

These are all glazed and show all the classic signs that they are all original pieces. Some Exports some not..I will add measurements later if it helps to prove authenticity and validity. I have already measured.

Thanks for viewing my advert



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