Eva Like Antiques 8’1 X 11’8 Large Rug, Turkish Rug, Vintage Rug, Turkish Oushak Rug, Beije Rug, Organic Rug, Salon Rug, Decorative Rug, Antique Rug,

Eva Like Antiques
8’1 X 11’8 Large Rug, Turkish Rug, Vintage Rug, Turkish Oushak Rug, Beije Rug, Organic Rug, Salon Rug, Decorative Rug, Antique Rug,

This is a vintage rug. Vintage rugs can have variation in color and size. Colors may appear different based on your screen brightness and light in your home.

Rugs have a light and dark side. These are characteristics of the rug.

❃ Size: ′8″1 × 11′8″ and 0.3″ thick

❃ Stock number : hız 03452

❃ Condition: All rugs are professionally cleaned and ready for use

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❃ Due to the age and handmade nature of these rugs, there will be imperfections and flaws that are not considered as defects. We photograph the rugs outdoor with natural indirect light.

About the rugs

All rugs you see in my store are vintage handmade 100% wool rugs. One of the biggest advantages of the handmade rug is that every node weaved by the hands of artisan by special technique. This makes the rugs very durable that’s why handmade rugs can be used for decades and save their condition.
Patterns on the rugs differ depending on the region where they came from.

Artisans express their surrounding, feelings, emotions, and life stories through these patterns. That’s why we can say that all rugs are unique and one of a kind. When you look at the rug, it makes you think and provokes different feelings.

Just think about it, the rug from the central part of Anatolia made 3-4-5 or even more decades ago now decorating your sweet home, a piece of art and history under your feet.

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Age: 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s



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