Eva Like Antiques 3 Card Antique Anatomy Tarot Reading (E-Delivery)

Eva Like Antiques
3 Card Antique Anatomy Tarot Reading (E-Delivery)

This listing is for a small question, 3 card answer using the Antique Anatomy Tarot Deck.

The Antique Anatomy is best for questions about relationships, love, or gentle guidance. It is a feminine energy devoted to growth through positive reinforcement. This deck does not read reversals, so information is presented clearly, calmly, and kindly.

Ruby is an intuitive reader, so your answers based off of cards may not be the exact definition of the card.

All readings are delivered within 72 business hours of purchase.

DISCLAIMER: All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Ruby of Roses is not responsible or liable for any action taken after information given during tarot readings. Once reading has been performed, refunds are not available. Ruby will always work with you to find clarity or a resolution if a reading does not resonate or make sense for your situation. Thank you for understanding.



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