Eva Like Antiques 1910s Antique Bejeweled Cocktail Watch • Art Deco Women’s Watch • Great Gatsby Era Estate Jewelry | Bedazzled Heirloom Jewelry

Eva Like Antiques
1910s Antique Bejeweled Cocktail Watch • Art Deco Women’s Watch • Great Gatsby Era Estate Jewelry | Bedazzled Heirloom Jewelry

Hey! STOP! Don’t you want to read about this LOVINGLY RESTORED Art Deco cocktail watch?

This dainty yet FLASHY 1910s Hafis cocktail watch is right out of a Great Gatsby party. It’s an explosion of SO MANY JEWELS. The heavily stylized silver-tone Art Deco case is set with 43 simulated diamonds. I love flapper jewelry, especially tiny cocktail watches, and Hafis is one of my favorite brands. I’ve never seen another one quite like this, so I had to snatch it up and make it mine! (So you can make it yours!)

It’s the perfect addition to a FANCY wrist near you! Dripping with elegance, this bejeweled antique estate jewelry brings a a splash of sparkle and class to whatever your attire may be. It adds a flourish to casual outfits (blue jeans! yes!), and is beyond perfect for evening and formal-wear—especially a little black dress. And, it’ll fall right into place with Victorian, Edwardian, and Flapper ensembles.

It originally came with a TINY bracelet so miniscule that it could only fit someone wasting away in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 (5″ or 12.7cm wrist). So, I replaced it with an AWESOME custom, new old stock (UNWORN) stretch metal bracelet by Speidel USA. It’s set with SO MANY simulated diamonds. And, it expands to fit the wrist of just about any modern woman—up to 7.5″ (19.1cm) around.

In addition to the band, I fully restored this watch to operate like it did when it was new. AND I tracked down and installed tiny crystals, replacing some that had fallen out in the last 100 years. YOU”RE WELCOME!

It features a 17 jewel mechanical hand-winding movement. What are these jewels? They’re special rubies inside the watch that keep the gears working forever. More rubies = more expensive = more accurate = longer life.

▪️ OVER THE TOP jeweled Hafis women’s cocktail watch—Switzerland, circa 1918
▪️ A FUN heirloom you can wear everyday
▪️ Ornate, nickel chromium stepped marquise shaped case with 43 set simulated diamonds
▪️ White dial | Blue steel pointed baton hands | Arabic hour markers
▪️ Swiss mechanical (hand-winding) movement, 17 jewels
▪️ DELICATE case is 0.6″ (14mm) across / 1.3″ (33mm) tall including the bracelet mounting lugs
▪️ White gold filled Speidel USA stretch metal bracelet expands to fit wrists up to 7.5″ (19.1cm) around
▪️ Six month warranty for the FULLY RESTORED mechanical workings


F. Suter & Cie (later known as Hafis Watch) was founded in Vienna, Switzerland in 1916 by Fritz Suter-Raetz and his brother. New-York’s R. Gsell & Co. started importing Hafis watches to the USA in 1924. While the Hafis Watch Company technically existed as late as the 1970s, its heyday was between 1924-1950. These early Hafis watches were well-built with classic—and slightly quirky—styling.


It’s cosmetically in good “daily driver” condition. It looks GREAT on the wrist, even though it shows signs of wear commensurate with 100 years of use and handling. There is a pleasing, even patina on the white dial. The mechanical movement appears like new. The originally black hands have naturally blued with age. There is light scuffing on the left side, which I’ve polished out as much as possible. There is pitting on the rear caseback—which can’t be seen while wearing it. (Don’t nitpick. You and I won’t look half this good when we’re 100 years old.)

HOW DOES IT RUN? The mechanical condition of the Swiss 17-jewel mechanical movement is LIKE NEW. I fully restored it to ensure you’re getting a dependable, functional timepiece. Every single tiny piece of this watch was disassembled, cleaned, inspected, adjusted, reassembled, and calibrated to keep time as well as the day it was first made. And I carefully replaced the tiny gemstones that were missing. Sounds complicated and expensive? It was. A full servicing and mechanical restoration like this generally costs at least $250. (That’s over $250 that YOU don’t have to pay.)


No battery—It’s a hand-winding watch. Wind it daily to keep it running. If you want it to last a lifetime (or longer), keep it wound even when you’re not wearing it.

It is NOT water resistant. Keep it dry!

Of course, it’s not about telling time. It’s about how it makes you feel. For creative individualists, a watch is a powerful tool that amplifies the expression of your individuality.


To protect your investment, all watches are sent with SIGNATURE REQUIRED. Keep this in mind when entering your address.

NOTE: USPS ••INTERNATIONAL•• shipments are delayed by a few weeks due to COVID, except the USPS Priority Express (2-5 days) service. If you need it FAST, you can upgrade to Express during checkout. Questions? Special requests? Contact me!


I offer you a six month warranty on the internal mechanical movement. Contact me if anything isn’t working as expected.

I can repair your vintage watches. I buy vintage watches. Message me for more information.

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